Defiance – Draft One

By it’s nature, writing is a solitary pursuit. At the worst of times it’s like dragging my own soul out of its cave, kicking and screaming to face my darkest demons – and then forcing myself to talk about the experience. At the best of times it’s a cathartic release of all things that trouble me in the […]

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the colour of a soul

Shey peered mistrustfully around the room. A single stool sat in the middle, and the entire room was an indistinct colour which may have been white. No windows, one door. she was to stay here until Faegun, the First Spirit, revealed to her – and to all those waiting outside – the colour of her soul.

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I am neither under- nor over-whelmed. Let’s say I’ve simply been whelmed. I’ll give Ant-Man a chance, though. He did found the Avengers after all.


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